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Planning The Perfect Romantic Picnic Lunch Menu

Posted by on Jul 31, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Planning The Perfect Romantic Picnic Lunch Menu

If you’re hoping to pull off a romantic lunch date where you’re cooking for your significant other, it’s time to think outside the box and really wow them with a delicious meal. Instead of your basic picnic items like sandwiches and fresh fruit, take the menu up a notch. Here are some elevated, easy, and classy lunch items you should include on your menu.  Lobster rolls. Lobster is typical for a romantic dinner, so why not add it to lunch? Tell your standard sandwich to take a hike and allow for a more unique indulgence that combines the creamy and rich flavor of lobster with buttery bread. To make great lobster roll, start with a great bread, like a kaiser roll, that can really support the richness of the lobster filling. Other ingredients typically found in lobster rolls include mayonnaise, lemon choose, celery, fresh parsley, and melted butter.  Baguettes with chocolate spread, like Nutella. You can’t bring a typical romantic dessert, like chocolate mousse, to a picnic without worrying about keeping it cool or melting. This is a great solution. You get the sensuousness of chocolate with the ease of a pre-sliced baguette as a vehicle.  Strawberries. Strawberries have a firmly established reputation for being a great fruit for romance. Bring them washed and whole, and dip them in your container of chocolate spread for even great indulgence. Pesto and cheese. Pine nuts, one of the main ingredients in pesto, are known to increase feelings of romance. They are also a more luxury item than other dips or spreads (like hummus or ranch), making the occasion more special just because pine nuts are not a common, everyday food. Choose a light, creamy cheese, like mozzarella, to pair with the pesto and eat it with crackers.  Cooked artichokes. These take a while to prepare, but they can be well worth it. Artichokes have a many layers that need to be peeled off. You use your teeth to strip the edible portion from the peel and gradually move closer to the heart of the plant. It’s an interactive eating experience that you can enjoy together with your partner, and the removal of the layer to get to the heart is a romantic notion in and off itself as you grow closer together and become more vulnerable.  You can have a wonderfully romantic picnic lunch date with just little extra time and effort. Choosing the best ingredients that have great flavor and meaning will help the date to be a success. Contact a company like Klosterman Baking Company for more...

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Wedding Catering Tips For When Your Venue Has No Kitchen

Posted by on Mar 8, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Wedding Catering Tips For When Your Venue Has No Kitchen

In a perfect world, every wedding venue would come equipped with a full kitchen. Unfortunately, sometimes the spot that is exactly what you want for the reception is lacking in this one key feature. This is no reason to find a different locale, though. Although it can be a challenge, it is possible to arrange for successful catering even without the benefit of a dedicated kitchen. The following tips can help. Tip #1: Find a Staging Area Find out from the venue if there is a room, out building, or even an alcove that can be utilized as a staging point for the caterers. Bonus points if it has electrical access. With a few folding tables, a fully stocked caterer can equipment the area with electric hot boxes. This allows them to cook the food ahead of time and then they can keep it warm until it is time to serve. Tip #2: Serve En Place No space for a separate staging area? No problem! Most caterers are equipped with classy chafing dishes that they use for buffets. Set aside a long wall for the caterers use and set up tables with tablecloths in this area. If you are worried about unruly guests or wandering children, you can also cordon off the area with curtain dividers or velvet rope. Your caterers will set up the food in the chafing dishes to keep it warm. You don’t have to have buffet service, though. The caterers will be more than happy to plate and bring the meals to each table. Tip #3: Some Like It Cold There is no reason to depend upon hot food that needs to be cooked on site for best flavor. A brunch or lunch wedding, especially in the warm season, is the perfect time to consider a wedding reception meal of gourmet sandwiches or fancy salads. If you are planning on a short reception, consider an appetizers and cocktails affair. Even if you plan on serving hot food, combine it with plenty of chilled sides and appetizers so your caterers can do most of the cooking ahead of time. It’s often easier to keep foods cold than to heat them up. Tip #4: Schedule a Visit Don’t just depend upon a description of the venue to be enough for your caterer – invite them for a tour. They will know better what limitations a kitchen-less venue can pose, so they need to do a walk-through before the big day so they can plan accordingly. For example, they may need to rent a portable cooler if they don’t already own one, which can impact their costs and your final bill. With a solid plan in place, you can make any venue the perfect location for the wedding reception of your dreams. Talk to a catering company like Grand Street Cafe to see whether or not they’ll be able to work around the no-kitchen...

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4 Delicious Mexican Soups Worth Trying

Posted by on Jan 15, 2016 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on 4 Delicious Mexican Soups Worth Trying

Mexican soups, or “sopas,” are made in a wide variety of styles and ingredients. Soups can be made of chicken, beef, pork or be entirely vegetarian. Like soups from most countries in the world, Mexican soups consist of vegetables and meat floating in a flavored broth that can be salty, spicy or both. The good thing is that many Mexican restaurants serve at least one type of soup. If you are planning to try one of these soups for the first time, look for one of these four listed below. Pozole: Pozole, also spelled posole, is a combination of pork and hominy (a corn-like grain) combined with large chunks of vegetables, including cabbage. Different types of pozole are made including, red, white and green. The color depends on the broth and the color of the majority of the other ingredients. The variations often have to do with the region in which they originated. Pozole may also have different meats, such as chicken instead of pork. This soup can be a side dish with a traditional Mexican meal, or eaten on its own. Menudo: Menudo is a soup that is mostly made of tripe (cow’s stomach), onions and hominy in a spicy red pepper broth. In some areas of northern Mexico, there is a white version that does not have the red pepper. If you’ve never had tripe before, the texture may feel strange, at first, but the overall texture of the soup is pleasing. This soup goes well with freshly-made tortillas. Albondigas: Albondigas is a beef and chorizo meatball soup which also contains rice and vegetables including carrots and greens. Some versions may also contain an egg. This soup can be considered a balance meal with its combination of protein and vegetables. Some traditionalists may disapprove of adding too many vegetables to the soup, so you may see some versions that are made of mostly meatballs, rice and broth. Tortilla soup: Tortilla soup is made with fried tortilla strips and a red broth made of chicken broth, tomatoes, garlic and onion. Sometimes, it’s served with cheese and sour cream on the side. Some modern versions replace the strips with chips. Tortilla soup may also have large chunks of chicken breast. This soup goes great with a cheese quesadilla and a fresh green salad. With their fresh, whole ingredients, there is sure to be one type of soup that just about anyone can enjoy. Next time you visit a Mexican restaurant, ask them what types of soups they have and they will most likely mention at least one or more of these four. Pop over to this web-site for some Mexican food...

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Three Essential Types Of Equipment For Your Brunch Buffet

Posted by on Dec 3, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Three Essential Types Of Equipment For Your Brunch Buffet

Brunch buffets can help restaurants to increase business and add a fun new event to your calendar. To set up your brunch buffet, you’ll need a few pieces of essential restaurant equipment. Here are four items your buffet should have to deliver the best possible customer experience. Electric Steam Tables Electric steam tables can be placed at your buffet area to keep foods warm throughout the meal service. These tables work by delivering a constant supply of steam underneath the food trays to keep your items at the proper serving temperature. These trays can be used to hold scrambled eggs, sausages, hash browns and pancakes in your buffet line. You can choose from steam tables that have two pans for small buffets or larger five-pan tables for busier brunch buffets. These tables come with or without sneeze guards, so you can choose the model that is right for your needs. Cold Food Tables Whether you are serving fruit salad, yogurt, parfaits or brunch desserts, having a cold food table in your buffet line is a must for restaurant owners. These tables keep your food pans perfectly chilled so all your cold foods are served at the proper temperature. You can choose from a variety of sizes and styles that coordinate with your electric steam tables to create a cohesive look at your buffet. As an added bonus, these tables can be quickly converted for use at a lunchtime salad bar. This gives you a way to get even more of a return on your restaurant equipment investment. Hot And Cold Beverage Dispensers Coffee and juice are staples of the brunch buffet, so you’ll want to make sure you create a beverage station for your guests. Add a commercial coffeemaker and warming stand to the buffet so you can keep several pots of coffee going at the same time. Be sure to label each pot with the type of roast you used so each guest can find the perfect cup to start the day off with. Iced tea dispensers are perfect for hot days, and carafes filled with freshly squeezed orange juices are ideal for any time of year. Once you have all the equipment you need to serve delicious foods and beverages to your guests, you can add the small details that bring the buffet together, such as flatware, tableware and glassware. After you’ve purchased all the necessary restaurant equipment supplies and you’ve created your menu, your brunch buffet will be ready for...

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How To Make Healthy Cookies With Pistachios

Posted by on Oct 26, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on How To Make Healthy Cookies With Pistachios

If you love cookies, but you want to also eat healthier, one option is to eat cookies that use healthier ingredients. Pistachio cookies are a step in the right direction because these nuts are filled with beneficial nutrients. But you’ll be counteracting some of the health benefits of pistachios unless you also make other changes to how you bake your cookies.  Health Benefits of Pistachio Pistachios contain B vitamins, thiamin and phosphorous. If you regularly snack on pistachios, you will have a healthier heart. Also, pistachios are an effective way of snacking without putting on weight due to their lower triglyceride levels. How Pistachio Cookies Work Pistachio cookies can be made much more easily with a pistachio pudding mix. The ingredients mix much more easily together with baking powder, eggs, milk and vanilla extract. If the recipe calls for butter, do not use margarine because it is less healthy because it contains trans fats. Also, you can replace about half of it with coconut oil, canola oil or olive oil. Do not replace too much because you will change the flavor of the cookies too drastically. Alternatives to Flour The all-purpose flour often used to make cookies adds calories without adding any nutritional value. If you don’t mind making the cookies chewier, add oats instead. Alternatively, you could replace a portion or all of the flour with whole wheat flour. Mix in some flax seeds to improve the nutritional value of your cookies.  Lowering the Sugar and Salt Content If you think cookies are sweet enough, consider reducing the sugar content. The cookies might be drier unless you add more milk. Less refined sugars are also better for you. If your recipe calls for salt, check a few other recipes to see if any ask for less salt. Go with whichever recipe requires the least salt because many cookies are unnecessarily salty.  Baking the Cookies Once you have your ingredients assembled, begin making pistachio cookies by mixing together the wet ingredients first, such as egg, butter and sugar. Once these ingredients have been thoroughly mixed together, add dry ingredients such as oatmeal or flax seed. Mix these ingredients until they turn into a dough. Consider adding more pistachio pudding than required to improve the healthiness. Then, you can roll the dough into balls and cook them on a cookie sheet. Since they will contain healthier ingredients, you won’t have to feel guilty eating...

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Learn How To Save Some Calories The Next Time You Order A Pizza

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Pizza is often viewed as a food that is not very diet-friendly. It is possible to enjoy your pizza even when you are on a diet if you choose to have a customized pizza created for you. Use the following guide to learn how to have a pizza created that is both delicious and nutritious the next time you go out to dinner. Choose A Whole Wheat Thin Crust Most pizzas are made with crusts that do not have a lot of nutrients in them. A whole wheat crust will help you stay fuller longer because whole wheat is packed with fiber that is very filling. You may also want to request to have a thin crust created rather than a deep-dish pizza to save on calories.  Choose Low-Fat Cheese Choosing low-fat mozzarella cheese for your pizza will help cut calories, as mozzarella has a lot less calories than a pizza made with full-fat cheese. You do not need a thick layer of cheese to get the flavor that you want because it is such a flavorful food. Load on the Veggies Add any and all veggies that the pizza parlor has available. Vegetables are filled with fiber so that you can feel full for a long time and have the nutrients and vitamins your body needs to feel strong, healthy, and energetic. Don’t Shy Away from Fruit Some people don’t realize that fruit is also delicious on pizza. Pineapple is a great topping to add to your next pizza to add a sweet touch to every bite you take. Be Selective With Your Meats Take the time to choose healthier meats when having your pizza created. Chicken breast, turkey breast, ground turkey, and even low-fat pepperoni can be added to your pizza to add protein and taste without adding fat to the dish. Don’t Be Afraid to Bring the Heat Adding spicy flavors to your pizza is also a good idea when you are on a diet. Jalapenos, habaneros, or even buffalo sauce can be added to a pizza to make it a bit spicier. When the pizza is spicy, you will drink more water during your meal, which will make your stomach feel fuller in less time and thus make you eat less pizza in the end. Most restaurants have any and every topping you could want for your pizza. They will be more than happy to create a pizza that loads your taste buds with flavor without packing on the pounds. For more information, contact a company like Barros...

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Planning An Autumn Wedding On A Budget

Posted by on Jul 21, 2015 in Uncategorized | Comments Off on Planning An Autumn Wedding On A Budget

Colorful leaves and crisp, cool air makes autumn one of the most popular times of the year to get married. However, even though is a peak wedding time, you don’t need to pay a fortune to get married in the fall. By incorporating some of the season’s best features into your wedding, it’s easy to plan an autumn wedding on a budget. Embrace the Vibrant Autumn Colors The autumn season is filled with rich, vibrant hues. So, why not incorporate these colors into your wedding ceremony and reception by bringing elements of nature indoors. Skip the rose petals and line the aisle with colorful leaves. Use leaves, pinecones, apples, and small pumpkins to create beautiful, cost-effective centerpieces for your reception tables. Instead of elaborate bouquets, have your bridal party carry small pumpkins filled with wild flowers. Wedding Catering In the spring and summer, people tend to eat lighter foods, such as fruit, salad, and deli meat, which can be expensive. But, when you have an autumn wedding, you don’t have to worry about purchasing a ton of fresh produce. You can save money by having your wedding caterer serve simple, hearty dishes, such as lasagna, mac-n-cheese, or a casserole. These dishes are simple to make and won’t cost as much as buying fresh produce. Other menu considerations include: Fried chicken Mashed potatoes Steamed veggies Roast Fresh apple cider Seasonal Scents The autumn season is filled with wonderful scents. And because people associate smells with specific memories, incorporating some of those scents in your wedding helps create a more memorable event. So, consider decorating your reception tables using vanilla-, pumpkin-, or cinnamon-scented candles. Not only are candles cost effective, scented candles smell wonderful, and you can surround the candles with other fall-themed decorations to create beautiful table centerpieces. Rent One Venue While it’s possible to have an autumn wedding outdoors, it’s safer to plan an indoor wedding so you can avoid any weather-related issues. However, it can cost a lot of money to rent a separate venue for your wedding ceremony and reception. So, instead of renting two facilities, try to find one venue. Autumn is the perfect time to get married in an old barn or an important historic venue. Planning a wedding shouldn’t be stressful. It’s possible to plan a beautiful wedding without exceeding your budget. All you need to do is get creative, and replace costly wedding items with cheaper, seasonal...

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How To Plan A Fabulous Fiftieth Anniversary Dinner For Your Parents

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Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that your parents were teaching you how to ride a bike or how to tie your shoes? You probably even remember the day they took you to your first day of school and then got you ready for college or work. Now that they will be celebrating their fiftieth anniversary, honoring them by hosting a dinner at a restaurant is a thoughtful and wonderful gesture. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to create something lovely and memorable. Have A Meeting – Unless you are planning a surprise dinner, the first thing on your list is to meet with your parents. Often, part of the fun is the anticipation of an event, and they may like to have a voice in your plans. Get a list of those they want for the invitation list. It will help your parents a lot if you tactfully give them an approximate number of how many people you are willing to feed.  Get out the calendar and obtain two or three dates that will work well for all of you. Send out invitations at least two weeks prior to the event, and three weeks would be even better. Selecting A Restaurant – Again, it’s helpful to involve your parents in this choice. Be sure that the restaurant has a separate room for group dining. The restaurant might even have a banquet room, similar to the room at Sabatino’s Italian Restaurant. If you are hosting a very large event, consider ordering a buffet where the guests can serve themselves, assisted by wait staff provided by the restaurant. A smaller group means that each guest will be able to order from the menu individually. Another idea is to give them a choice from two or three menus.  Make Reservations Early – Lots of weddings and other events take place during the summer months, so make your reservations as soon as possible. Remember that the event doesn’t have to fall right on the actual anniversary date. If out-of-towners are coming, a weekend might be a better choice. When you make your reservations, give the exact date and time of your event, and supply the number of guests that will be attending. It’s a good idea to put everything in writing. Get the name of the person who is in charge so you’ll be able to follow up on plans. Added Touches – Part of the fun will be the personal touches you give to the event. Think about going to the restaurant early to decorate tables. A darling idea is to place a small framed picture of your parents on their wedding day next to a floral arrangement on each table. If they are comfortable speaking in front of a group, it would be a lot of fun for your parents to tell how they met and about their courtship. A toast is definitely in order! Select somebody close to your parents to give the toast, or prepare one yourself. A final thought is to send everybody home with a party favor. A little bag of chocolate candies or a pretty votive candle holder that is at each place setting are good options, among other good ideas. Have a wonderful time planning your parent’s fiftieth anniversary...

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5 Benefits Of Chia Seeds

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Chia seeds are an excellent source of nutrients and can easily be added to your diet in a number of versatile ways. While most people add them to smoothies or sprinkle them on top of cereal, they can also be used in cooking and baking. Chia seeds have a nutty, pleasant flavor and as a bonafide superfood they pack a real nutritional wallop. Here are five major health benefits of chia seeds to keep in mind: Great Source of Fiber Chia seeds are especially rich in fiber, with a single serving providing 42% of your needed fiber for the day. Fiber is critical in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels, preventing or decreasing inflammation, and keeping your digestive system in good working order. Fiber also helps feed the good bacteria in your stomach which is especially beneficial if you’re prone to upset stomachs. Rich in Antioxidants Like other superfoods, chia seeds are chock-full of antioxidants. Antioxidants help protect your body from free radicals and cancer. They can even help prevent signs of aging, keeping you looking and feeling younger than your actual age. Not too shabby for something that can be sprinkled into your yogurt every morning without any effort. Help You Feel Full Chia seeds are known to help you feel full and satiated without contributing a lot of calories to your diet. The reason behind this is because chia seeds are full of filling protein and fiber, and also expand in your stomach before they’re digested. This can help you if you’re trying to lose weight and want to avoid over-eating. Gluten-Free Chia seeds are naturally gluten-free, making them a great substitute for other sources of nutrients if you happen to be sensitive to gluten or have celiac disease. High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids Chia seeds are one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids around. Omega-3 fatty acids have many major, well-documented health benefits, including helping to naturally lower cholesterol and high blood pressure (thereby reducing the risk of heart attacks), increase mental function, and reduce inflammation, including the painful inflammation of arthritis and other joint-related conditions. Some studies have even shown omega-3 fatty acids to help fight symptoms of depression and bipolar disorder rather effectively and without side effects. Now that you know some of the main benefits of chia seeds, you’ll have a more interesting response than “Because they’re good for you!” the next time your significant other or child asks why you’re adding them to their smoothie. Click here to buy chia seeds for...

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Ease Some Stress: Make Saturday Fun For Your Family

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At the end of the week, it is time to relax and put all the work aside for a few days. Make Saturday nights a special night for your family. There are many things you could do, and you do not have to spend a lot of money. Below are five tips to get your family out of the house and having fun. Visit a Steakhouse Most people love steak, and taking your family to a steakhouse is one way to enjoy Friday night. Choose a new steak house that you have never been to before, such as a Japanese steakhouse like House Of Kobe, to taste different types of foods. You may find hibachi steak, meat on a stick, sushi, and more. Call ahead and get their menu or get it online to make it easier to order. If you on a diet or have to watch what you eat, this allows you to have the right foods ready to order.  In most cases, you can find healthy foods that include steak, such as steak salad. You may find steak with a rub, such as chili, and a side of salsa. Ride Bicycles To have fun and get some exercise, rent some bicycles to take a trip around your town. If you have an infant or toddler, you can get a baby seat to put on the back of one of the bicycles. You can also get a trailer so little kids who are too young to ride can still enjoy the fun. Be a Movie Producer Go exploring in your town or a nearby city, and use a video recorder or the recorder on your smartphone to film your family. Take your children to a local park, children’s museum, and more. Walk around the town and explore everything, and find some things you have never seen or done before. Video tape the entire day so you have this memory. Let your children videotape you and your spouse having fun. Have a Treasure Hunt Set up a treasure hunt for your children with a prize at the end of it. You could do this in your home and throughout your yard. Start them out on the first spot, and give clues to the next. Make the clues easy if your children are small. Make the riddles on each clue funny to get your children to the next spot. At the end of the treasure hunt, have a prize waiting. This could be going to the movies, letting them choose what they want to do, and more. Spending time with your family is important, and these times are things they will always...

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